How we do it

Our Company is vertically integrated, situation that allows us to meet the needs of our customers: 

- Quality warranty based on internal control of the several production activities.
- Flexibility and quick answer to small and large orders.
- Creativity and Design following the latest tendencies of the fashion industry

Our customers can rely on an organization well prepared to meet their needs.


We have a network of partnerships with outside entities that, together with our internal team.

Allow us to be completely updated with the new methodologies and procedures of the textile process as well as design and colour tendencies, new raw materials and technical developments.


Everything starts here. The yarn cones, ecru or coloured, are processed in a beam that will afterwards be assembled in the loom.


Our weaving department is equipped with 36 state of the art looms, all with electronic double jacquard machines, we should call the attention to de fact that we have more than 30% of our looms with “yarn-by-yarn” control which allow us to achieve a very high flexibility in the production of terry fabrics with different specifications concerning: the weight, sizes, colours and designs..


Fundamental department for the final quality of our towels, here we mix the knowhow of our technical staff with the most sophisticated equipments that will warranty solid colours on any type of material we dye.


The finishing department was the target of our latest investments in order to make towels that will stand up from our competition because of its touch, shine and washing resistance.


Final procedure of the towel production, we have automatized the cutting, sewing, labeling and packing followed by a piece by piece quality control.


We understand that quality is not announced, it is presented.

Our most prestigious customers have been helping us on our permanent evolution. 

Its demands on quality and the suggestions of improvement presented have been very important.

At Neiper, we follow up the quality along the entire production process. We have yarn and dying laboratories. 

Technical design department and a quality control team dedicated in exclusive to the follow up of our production.

We are certified with the quality management system ISO 9001 and with the ecological certificate Oeko-Tex 100, warranting that our products are completely free of any substance hazardous to the final consumer. 

In 2016, we have been awarded by the Portuguese Government with the “PME Excelência” as a reconnaissance of our role of merit both in the industrial and social views. 

We know that the quality is not a game to play with.

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