Who we are?

Since the foundation of Neiper, in 1977, our business is, exclusively, the production and commercialization of terry products.

For over 30 years we have been offering our products to customers across the world, in this process we have merged the preferences of the several countries together with the Portuguese tradition of “do well”. 

We have the understanding that an organization should have a cornerstone, ours is: more investment. More investment in the human resources, installations, equipments, quality of management... 

Investment on the customers for the customers.

With enthusiasm, we have been doing everything to improve our internal organization. 

That is the reason that, today we are a vertical company that integrates all the different aspects of our business: Design & Development, beaming, weaving, dying, finishing, confection and packing. At Neiper, we are satisfied for feeling useful to our customers, with commitment and responsibility. With 100% dedication, this is our choice: Making better towels.

Our Mission

Neiper has, as its mission to be the European leader in the production of terry fabrics. To be the leader does not mean to be the biggest in production capacity, but to be the best in quality, design and customer service.

Our strategy has a daily orientation towards:

- Flexibility and quick answer to every customer necessity
- Price policy adjusted to the productivity increase
- Quality control in every step of the production process
- Creativity and design adjusted to the preferences of every customer

To achieve this we have a team that is young, qualified and motivated, that adds the knowledge of the product and market to the ideas of youth. 

It is with this spirit that we work with some of the most prestigious and demanding European customers.

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